43 Metre Yacht - Case Study

Large sailboats tend to have differing needs to motor yachts. They can be at sea for extended periods, substantial numbers are available for charter, and many cruise the oceans of the world with owners and guests on-board.

Rigs and hulls have been developed using the most modern of materials and design, as has the navigation equipment installed. However, in many cases, the sailboat is navigated and controlled through traditional methods, supported by state of the art hardware, and often the primary source of navigation information is paper based. The sailboat will have up to date chart plotters or PC systems, but the planning and operational activity may well be done at the chart table with an ADMIRALTY product fully opened flat.

Our consultation with the vessel in this particular case was via email and telephone. Mini ISM was being run so updating was required and PassageManager was recommended. The focus for this vessel was keeping the paper chart folios up to date, and ensuring that inventory on-board was kept to a minimum. On sailboat bridges, there tends to be a lack of storage, and given that there are some 330 ADMIRALTY charts required to cover the Mediterranean alone, we had to try to keep the operational inventory to a safe manageable level. The ongoing service to this boat is all about contact and understanding their requirements in advance so that we can prepare stored folios and send them out as needed; corrected and up to date. The boat can then return the non-operational folios to us for free storage.

If required electronic chart base discs can also be stored on-board for future use to ensure full coverage on these systems.