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ChartCo offers it's very own innovative software solution to on-board chart correction, PassageManager.

PassageManager has been developed to cater for the demands of the Modern ECDIS Bridge as well as those yachts that continue to nominate paper as their primary source.

ChartCo places the PassageManager software on a bridge PC that has an internet connection. Data is then forwarded, only relevant to the yacht outfit, which can be applied to the charts as corrections are issued.

PassageManager has some real time saving advantages:

  • Every action you take in PassageManager is recorded and can be output as a report such as a chart correction or ISM log. The format is recognised by Flag and Port State.
  • Folios can be managed in to active and non-active status. This can further reduce the correcting overhead required as data for the non-active folios will not be sent.
    NOTE: Non Active Folios can be returned to us for storage, FREE, and then sent back fully updated at your timed request.

PassageManager also produces comprehensive passage plans. You can put in a route for example from, Monaco to Gibraltar, the Software will then inform you of all of the charts, both paper and electronic, and publications that are required to navigate the passage safely and with compliance. Importantly, it then compares the requirement for the passage with your Outfit, and makes a recommendation for purchase.

The passage plans are detailed and above the specification required by the MCA. They can be printed out and will satisfy the demands of both Flag and Port State.

A member of the ChartCo Superyacht Services team will come on-board and install the software, and train all those who will use it. There is NO CHARGE for the installation or training.

ChartCo also has a 24/7 support line.

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