Publications Manager

Through PassageManager, the publications module takes care of the vessels outfit and corrections in this critical area. As with all other parts of the ChartCo service, it caters for both paper and digital publications such as the fully integrated ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP).

Updates to paper publications are included as part of the relevant paper charts service. Updates to ADP are additional services.


Traditionally such updates have been delivered via CD or paper NM making it almost impossible to keep electronic products up to date. ChartCo makes it possible to receive these updates in a timely manner, with data being delivered each week.

Full integration with PassageManager, means that all publication information can be embedded within the passage plan.

All publication information is combined with ENC and paper chart data providing the complete view of a vessels outfit for easy management.

Key Features

  • Automatic delivery to vessels at sea.
  • Ensures electronic navigation data is kept up to date, enhancing safe and compliant navigation.
  • Updated weekly.

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