How much does ChartCo's PassageManager software cost?

Nothing, it's free! The software supplied to each vessel or site is called PassageManager and is the result of many years of investment. It contains lots of value add functionality that is also free to use for all PassageManager subscribers. This ranges from graphical catalogue and outfit views through to comprehensive passage planning.

I have heard of FleetManager, what is it?

FleetManager is a web portal which all PassageManager subscribers can use, once logged in, to view the latest correctional status of all outfits on vessels that are fitted with PassageManager. It is constantly evolving and more latterly the ability to view the data downloaded by each vessel has also been added. It is free to use and login details are issued on request.

How can I try the PassageManager software?

This is easy. ChartCo provides free trials to all new users of PassageManager for a period of two months. This is enough time to evaluate the system and try as many services as required. In addition all existing users are eligible to have a free trial of services they are currently not subscribing to.

I am concerned over communication costs for ChartCo services through PassageManager. Will they be for the email or internet service?

This of course depends on the number of services that you subscribe to. ChartCo has always strived to keep data sizes down to a minimum and this is achieved through proprietary compression techniques and best use of data. It has been proven on numerous occasions that when compared to other systems ChartCo keeps communication costs extremely low. In addition the ChartCo user can decide what data is downloaded; from corrections for the whole outfit right down to corrections for just a single chart.

Is ChartCo's PassageManager system approved?

PassageManager now has over 6,000 subscribers spread across the globe on vessels representing nearly all Flag States. With the wide acceptability and encouragement given to the use of electronic data, individual approvals are usually not necessary. This is because Flag States now approve the use of electronic data, and electronic courier systems in general through circulars. Should you need confirmation of this then please contact ChartCo.

Does the system deal with T&P's?

Yes. T&P corrections are delivered and displayed to a subscriber in the same way that normal corrections are. In addition however you are able to view the history, those in force and those expired. New and Expiring T&P's will be shown in the correction list in order that they can be added/removed from the chart.

Is the PassageManager ENC service compatible with all ECDIS?

PassageManager delivers ENC updates from a number of providers including UKHO (AVCS), Primar, IC-ENC and C-MAP. The ENC updates are in a standard format that allows them to be used with all ECDIS systems.

Does PassageManager provide ENC cells?

Electronic data provides an opportunity to ensure that all navigational data is provided to users in a timely manner. PassageManager notifies all users of new editions and new cells that affect their outfit and allows them to download these individual cells direct from the PassageManager data centre with minimum intervention. This means all users are less reliant on the receipt of the traditional update disc.

When I have a problem with the communication system I am going to miss correction data through PassageManager, how do I collect this missing data?

The PassageManager software on each vessel will tell the user the week number of the last week of data it received. At any time the user can ask the software to collect data that it has not received. If there are any problems at all in getting this data then you should contact ChartCo's PassageManager support desk.