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ChartCo Launches Digital Regulations

ChartCo Launches Digital Regulations

ChartCo Ltd has formed a partnership with regs4ships Ltd to distribute regulations and other ancillary information to be distributed under the brand of RegsManager. With this partnership, the method of distribution will gradually move from CDROM to the on-line solutions of ChartCo broadcast and ChartCo Select.

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Total ChartCo subscribers now over 3,000

ChartCo subscribers now over 3,000

With the signing of the latest contact with Oldendorff Carriers, ChartCo which operates the world's renowned satellite distribution service for chart updates and other data for mariners, now has a subscriber base of over 3,000 vessels.

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Broader access to services

Broader access to services

ChartCo's update services are now accessible over the Internet and any point-to-point connection through ChartCo Select. ChartCo's core services are traditionally broadcast over the Inmarsat network and require subscribers to use a proprietary decoder. ChartCo Select uses advanced data compression methods to enable any ship to access the full range of services using the Interent, direct dial or other computer connections to ChartCo's data centre. Once connected, the software will determine which updates or services are available for collection.

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Easier Access to ChartCo Range

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ChartCo has launched a new internet product allowing users to gain access to its services from any computer without the need for a decoder, writes Mark Warner in Hamburg.

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Broadcast contract to BT

Broadcast contract to BT

Chartco has awarded BT a managed broadcast and network services contract. This covers provision of space segment over all four Inmarsat ocean regions, as well as links to the Land Earth Stations (LES) at Goonhilly in the UK and Auckland in New Zealand. BT will act as prime contractor with LES operator Stratos as the space segment provider.

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