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ChartCo delivers AVCS Updates


Following intensive development work ChartCo has announced it is now able to deliver updates to the UKHO's AVCS cells across both its Broadcast and Select delivery services. The AVCS service will help complete an already comprehensive range of electronic chart update services, currently available to ENC and ARCS users. It will be added to the existing ENC service at no additional cost to subscribers.

Steve Mariner, ChartCo Manager said: “We have watched the launch of AVCS and the subsequent growth of subscribers with great interest. In the last few months it has become very apparent from our customer base that an update service through ChartCo was urgently required. The growing interest in electronic charts, fuelled by the ECDIS mandation, means that all vessels must consider how to implement a suitable policy that addresses both electronic and paper products for the bridge. With the launch of a service for AVCS users, ChartCo is again at the forefront in supplying update services to satisfy the most demanding of shipowners”.

Hayley Jopson, Head of Channel Management and Marketing at the UKHO said “AVCS contains at least 1500 more ENCs than any other service in the market including important areas such as Hong Kong, East and West Coast of Africa, Indonesia and the Philippines. It's great news that ChartCo customers can now get very cost-effective, real time remote access to updates for those extra ENCs via ChartCo Broadcast and Select services. Between 20 and 30 ships are making the decision to switch to AVCS every week, and we see our collaboration with ChartCo as an important step in the ongoing development of the service and to ensuring it continues to meet the needs of the shipping industry.”