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ChartCo adds Email Delivery

Email Delivery

Following comprehensive trials Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt (NRS) of Hamburg has confirmed that they will proceed with the installation of ChartCo services via email for its complete fleet. The order from NRS is the culmination of many months of development and is clear evidence of ChartCo’s capability in providing high quality data through a variety of delivery systems.

For over 10 years ChartCo has been delivering data direct to ships at sea using ChartCo Broadcast and more recently ChartCo Select via internet. Now the addition of the ChartCo Select via email offers all vessels complete flexibility in tailoring the service and the delivery method to best suit their requirements.

Rory Davis the ChartCo Sales & Marketing Manager said: “ChartCo is an excellent fit for the diverse requirements of a large fleet, such as NRS. Working through our partner in Germany, HanseNautic GmbH, successful trials onboard have confirmed the flexibility of the email service and have positively highlighted the safety and time management advantages, which were considered a major benefit by NRS. ChartCo email uses the same end user software as the unique broadcast service, and in addition all users can be assured of the same high quality service and support.

Heinz-Jurgen Danckers, Director of Fleet Management for Norddeutsche Reederei said: “NRS has a clear intention to substitute the traditional hardcopy distribution of NTMs with the foremost electronic delivery option and following lengthy research we are satisfied the ChartCo email service will provide our vessels with the highest quality professional management services.”

“We see effective management of chart corrections as a major enhancement to vessel safety and as a result it is very high on our agenda. ChartCo email provides us with the reliable and timely delivery of correction data which means our vessels are always able to maintain chart integrity. ChartCo software also provides a full audit trail of corrections meeting the requirements of port state control and other inspecting authorities.”

As part of this agreement ChartCo will be providing data services to all vessels under the full technical management of Norddeutsche Reederei (NRS). The services provided will include ChartManager, which provides automatic reception of the weekly Notice to Mariners and chart corrections issued by the UK Hydrographic Office. The software provided as part of the solution allows vessels to manage their own corrections without recourse to shore-based providers. The service includes a full catalogue of navigation products allowing the vessel to manage and update their onboard outfit weekly. These services are backed up with full implementation, installation and support services.