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Easier Access to ChartCo Range

Large container ship on the horizon

ChartCo has launched a new internet product allowing users to gain access to its services from any computer without the need for a decoder, writes Mark Warner in Hamburg.

ChartCo Select uses advanced data compression methods to enable any ship access to the full range of ChartCo services using internet, direct dial or connection to its data centre.

Select gives point-to-point access anywhere in the world and negates the need for our proprietary receiver, so it is an ideal service for smaller operators and ship managers. said Adrian Pilbeam, head of sales and marketing for ChartCo.

Once connected, the software determines which updates or services are available for collection and the user can decide what and when to download.

ChartCo Broadcast is still the system of choice for charts and data updates but Select adds more flexibility due to its immediate access functionality from any computer, added Mr Pilbeam.