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PassageManager upgrade revealed

Faster, smarter e-navigation

PassageManager, ChartCo’s e-navigation and update management application, now faster and more intuitive than ever.

Leading digital navigation and voyage compliance specialist ChartCo has introduced a revolutionary upgrade of its flagship software, PassageManager. Taking care of all e-navigation, route planning, data update management and a range of other services, the new PassageManager, part of the new ChartCo OneOcean platform, provides a comprehensive service to meet the needs of mariners.

ChartCo OneOcean

The new PassageManager is remarkably intuitive to operate with an easy-to-use graphic interface – allowing users to access a comprehensive range of digital content and services all designed to simplify complex tasks. All the key functions and content of the previous version have now been fully integrated, allowing users to access information in one place.

In combination with the introduction of ChartCo’s new unitary OneOcean platform, PassageManager now offers mariners an even faster route to crucial navigation, environmental, regulatory, safety and quality compliance management, all with increased cyber resilience.

OneOcean can be left running without taking over the screen, while PassageManager will continue to keep the bridge up-to-date at all times, showing on-screen notifications of any action required. ENC overlays can now display all critical content required for passage planning purposes, without the user having to switch screens. And, when used with ENCs, a USB can be left plugged in and PassageManager will automatically create a weekly update file, so all that is left to do is update the ECDIS from the USB.

PassageManager’s route-planning service is now even faster and extremely user-friendly to operate, while also more configurable, allowing users to save preferences to reduce the time needed to create each new plan. A range of additional features can also be linked with PassageManager and a filter can be applied to display optional NavArea and piracy warnings along your planned route.

PassageManager is currently in use aboard over 6,500 vessels worldwide.

The benefits of the brand new PassageManager include:

  • Tile-based, touchscreen-friendly operation
  • Fully automated ENC update collection and storage on USB
  • Simplified interface for managing paper folios and corrections
  • Expanded passage-planning facility which can link to FleetManager and EnviroManager
  • Integration with ADPs, e-NPs and ECDIS
  • Integration with third party applications like Admiralty TotalTide
  • Choice of colour schemes and configurable home page
  • Hassle-free upgrade from PassageManager 6

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