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Have you made the transition to digital yet?

Have you made the transition to digital yet?

Our comprehensive range of digital navigational products and services is now complemented with environmental, safety management and regulatory solutions.

One of the areas we excel in is helping customers transition to paperless navigation. Do you need assistance on this journey? Or perhaps some of your vessels are already navigating digitally and it's time to unify operations and consolidate fleet-wide?

We can help you simplify the increasingly complex transition to digital services; our team of experts is ready to guide you.

Discover world leading solutions all under one roof


For navigation: PassageManager

Our flagship software platform allows safe and compliant voyage planning via an intuitive graphical interface. It can create a fully comprehensive passage plan in just minutes, and manages your full data and digital library with ease.

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For regulations management: Regs4ships

Our digital maritime regulations solution combines flag state compliance documentation with IMO, ILO and EU legislation in a user friendly searchable database. It reduces the number of paper publications on-board as well as the administration time needed to keep regulations up to date.

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For environmental compliance: EnviroManager

Our location-based environmental solution which helps you stay compliant with MARPOL and national regulations. A user-friendly interface and traffic light system helps minimise the risk of faulty discharge.

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For safety and quality compliance: Docmap

Our world-leading safety management system that helps you meet your obligations under the ISM Code for ship safety management and operation. Docmap manages all your documents, core forms, inspections, risk assessments and maritime compliance.

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