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Navigating in the Solomon Islands?

Solomon Islands

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) have announced that from 11 August 2017 they will no longer be responsible for the charting of the Solomon Islands. From this date the Australian Hydrographic Service (AHS) will assume the role of Primary Charting Authority.

As a result, all paper charts previously published by the UKHO will be withdrawn. The charts published by the AHS will carry a prefix of "SLB" and new chart number. The UKHO will adopt, reprint and distribute some of the new SLB charts.

Existing ENC cells with the "GB" prefix will be withdrawn from service and re-issued by the AHS with an "SB" prefix and new cell number. Notice to Mariners updates for these charts will now be issued by the AHS and reproduced by the UKHO.

UKHO publication NP131 Admiralty Maritime Products and Services Catalogue and AHS Australian Index Charts Aus5000 and 5001 will be updated in due course.