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Coming Soon - ChartCo PassageManager 6.0

Coming Soon - ChartCo PassageManager 6.0

With the forthcoming release of PassageManager 6.0 we have compiled a list of some of the new features, improvements and solutions that you can expect to see in the latest version.

The latest features will deliver a much greater improvement and introduces A new ENC map + AIO layer. It includes ChartCo's new eBook reader and Work & Rest Hours software, provides access to the latest training videos, as well as improvements to ENC Management, Passage Planning, Routeing and much more.

New Features

ENC Map and AIO Layer

  • New ENC map provides the capability of zooming into official AVCS chart data (a valid AVCS permit is required).
  • ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) can be displayed on top of AVCS chart data.
  • Right-clicking the AVCS chart data or AIO data opens a chart query function allowing the data to be interrogated.

Training Videos

  • The latest Training Videos can be accessed from the Home Page.
  • The Training Videos page lists all of the available Training Videos and includes an enhanced search capability.

Automated Licensing

  • The PassageManager Site Code and Machine ID is now automatically transferred back to the ChartCo Servers.
  • This means 'value added' services such as Enhanced Port Data, Piracy and Enhanced Routeing can be licenced without end-user intervention.

Integrated ChartCo eBook Reader

  • Provides access to International Maritime Organization (IMO) eBooks.
  • Automated purchasing and licensing of IMO eBooks - automated through the ChartCo servers simplifying the ordering process.

Support for New Route Formats

  • Support for new Totem and Martek ECDIS route Formats.


ENC Management

  • New Setup Wizard - ensures that all required steps are completed in the correct sequence.
  • ENC Outfit is Permit driven only - ENC Outfit can only be created and updated from a Permit file and the option to manually amend ENC Outfit is removed.
  • Cumulative Exchange Set - All weekly exchange sets are cumulative which will help prevent out of sequence update issues on ECDIS.
  • Automated handling of ENC Notices - when the user elects to collect New Editions automatically then ENC Notices are automatically accepted.


  • Route planning now uses the official ECDIS style and includes channel limits and leg details including bearing, distance and planned speed.
  • Consillium ECDIS import options extended to support .txt routes.
  • Improved support for SPOS XML routes.

Passage Planning

  • New AIO step - Relevant AIO information for the voyage can be shown as a summary or with full detail.
  • The minimum charted depth, in Step 3 - Depth Under Keel, is automatically populated using the official ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) chart data (a valid AVCS permit for the voyage is required).
  • New Save/Restart functionality allows the Passage Plan to be saved at any point and resumed at a later stage.
  • Preview map images option, in Step 4 - Charts, has been extended to support AVCS chart images. Simply zoom into the sufficient scale and embed the AVCS chart image in the passage plan - useful for VTS, Port Entry etc.

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