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Blokarting returns to Pembrey

Strong winds and perfect sailing conditions greeted the competitors of the 2012 British Open Blokarting Championships, which were held last weekend in Pembrey, South Wales.

Regs4ships Limited was once again pleased to be one of three major sponsors for the event and Company Director Mick Caulkin was keen to, once again, take part. He was joined by a long-standing customer and friend of the company, Allan Foot of Yacht Project Associates.

Unlike the very light (actually non-existent) winds of last year, the competitors experienced two good days and one terrifying, or thrilling depending on level of skill, day with strong winds and driving rain.

Speeds of 30 mph and greater were very common and very disconcerting when conducted in two inches of standing water on the beach. As a result, pilots were often struggling to see much in front of them.

The British Open Blokart Championships attracted nearly 70 competitors. There are two main categories: Production – which is for Blokarts as they come ‘out of the bag’, and Performance – with many ‘go-faster’ additions.

The competitors are further divided by weight to try to provide reasonably equal mini-competitions. Allan finished a very creditable third in his weight category and Mick did not so so well in his despite his (heavy) weight advantage.

The racing videos are great fun to watch and can be seen on The karts flying the small red ensigns are those of Mick and Allan, true sailors on land and on water.

A Blokart is a cross between a go-kart and a sailing dinghy, a lightweight aerodynamic stainless steel frame with a sail attached to the top. The sport has recently become increasingly popular and is one of the more accessible sports to participate in – as you only need to use your hands to control your vehicle.

Captain Mick Caulkin is the Training and Publications Director at Regs4ships Limited, a maritime organisation based in the heart of Southampton, specialising in the provision technical marine solutions to ships, Superyachts and management companies across the globe. Regs4ships Limited provided sponsorship to the British Open Blokart Championships for the fourth year running.

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