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Regs4ships Sponsor European Blokarting Championships

For the past 5 years Regs4ships have sponsored this ‘green sport’ and this year Director Captain Mick Caulkin took part.

The Blokart is a three wheeled kart which uses a sail, similar to those found on small dinghies to provide traction.

The sport itself is relatively new and is becoming more and more popular. Developed in 1999 by Paul Beckett, the blokart is fun, fast and powered by wind, making it extremely environmentally friendly.

“Being specialists in the Maritime industry Regs4ships have always been interested and keen to encourage ‘green’ initiatives and activities. Director Mick Caulkin states “It was an excellent few days, there was a brilliant atmosphere and it seemed like everyone involved really did enjoy themselves. I was in the heavyweight category and my strict training regime and natural skill was unfortunately unsuited to the weather conditions and I came 10th in my category, which was at least some continuous improvement on last year.”

Blokarting is a sport with very little limitations and can be enjoyed by all. As blokarting is a hands only sport someone’s size or mobility and in a lot of cases even medical condition is unlikely to prevent them from taking part. At Regs4ships it is really important to us that everyone, able bodied or not, can benefit and enjoy the same things. This is one of the reasons why our main charity is The Jubilee Sailing Trust whose mission is to promote and provide the integration of people of all physical abilities through the challenge and adventure of sailing tall ships on the open sea.

Regs4ships value the importance of being ‘green’ therefore sponsoring and being part of a recreational sport that encourages eco-friendly fun for people of all ages and types of physical abilities is a fantastically rewarding feeling.

Facts about the contestants:

  • 111 people competed
  • Competitors came from 14 different countries
  • Age range 8-76
  • Mick Caulkin’s sail number was K2182, which he picked as its the radio maritime distress frequency

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