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Regs4ships are presenting at the Port Security Summit – London 2014

Regs4ships Security and Ship Management Specialist, Mike Symons will be speaking about Effective Training for Improved Port Security.

How training extends beyond the Port Facility Security Officer to effectively reduce the risk of threats we face today, aiming towards a Global Standard for Port Security Training, at the Port Security Summit in London – 2014 on the 26th and 27th November this year. Mike’s session will begin at 13:40 on the 27th of November.

Mike has over 30 years’ experience in the maritime industry. Including 22 years at sea, with the UK Royal Navy, supported and coordinated Captain Submarine Sea Training, UK MOD, and NATO Submarine Escape and Rescue Operations, with the provision of UK Special Forces. And over 12 years in the commercial shipping industry holding increasing positions of responsibility from Fleet Superintendent, Company Security Officer to Company Quality Manager with one of the world’s largest submarine fiber optic cable installation and maintenance companies.

Mike is now able to put his extensive worldwide experience in security, ship and port management operations and as a UK Certified Company Security Officer and accredited security trainer instructor/auditor. Ensures consistent training standards are developed and delivered within the International maritime sector aligned to IMO Codes, International Standards, applicable government legislation, and best management practices, through accredited bodies, ensuring competence.

The ACI – Port Security Summit in London – 2014 will give port authorities, terminal operators, national coast guards, customs officials, law enforcement and security companies the chance to gain an appreciation for the current challenges, latest technologies and human expertise to increase Port Security.

> Download: Port Security Summit Agenda

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