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ChartCo Training - 5th year for the Liberian Registry

Trainers with the Harmonized ISM / ISPS / Marine Investigation Lead Auditors course attendees

A Harmonized ISM / ISPS / Marine Investigation Lead Auditors course that took place during October 2015 in Athens, Greece marked the 5th year that this course has been run for the Liberian Registry following continued demand and valued success.

The course, delivered by Mike Symons, ChartCo Training - Security and Ship Management Specialist, and AL Romero, Liberian Registry - Director, Quality Assurance and Training, provided the fundamental concepts and techniques for conducting ISM and ISPS codes auditing for prospective Liberian Registry surveyors.

The information provided in the training course contributes to the effective performance of the Liberian Harmonized Auditing Scheme and provides knowledge and understanding for lead auditors regarding the Administration Safety Management and Security requirements and procedures for vessel based on the ISM and ISPS codes.

Emphasis was placed on the conduct of roles, responsibilities, and the primary functions of an ISM and ISPS Lead Auditor, as well as the skills required and various techniques used to perform auditing functions. The training course also highlighted a refresher of both the ISM and ISPS code history, development, purpose, requirements, and its application in today's shipping industry.

In addition, an in depth presentation of the Administration's guidance and procedures was also covered including the basic orientation of Marine Casualty Investigation and MARPOL Compliance, and the Liberian Registry ISO9001-Quality Management Systems.

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