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ADRS 1,3,4,5 weekly update size

ADRS 1,3,4,5 weekly update size

The size of recent ADRS 1,3,4,5 weekly updates has been too large for many vessels to download/receive by email.

The UKHO have advised that ADRS 1,3,4,5 weekly updates for weeks 33 and 35 contained higher data volumes than normal and have caused problems where vessels are downloading the data or updating via email.

This was expected and communicated by the UKHO in their e-Newsletter issue 320 (although this referred to weeks 33 and 34), as well as through product notifications to customers.

The UKHO are working on a longer term solution to address this problem, however in the meantime if a larger than normal update is anticipated we will communicate this to customers in advance. ADP users should note that when larger updates occur, you may wish to update via CD rather than email.

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