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Changes to ADMIRALTY List of Lights

Changes to ADMIRALTY List of Lights

Due to an increase in the size of ADMIRALTY List of Lights, Volume F will be split into two publications: Volume F and Volume P. Following this change the initial letter of some light numbers will change from F to P. For example F3912 will become P3912.

Please note that existing coverage will be split between volumes F and P in the following way:

  • Volume F (NP79) will cover the North East Indian Ocean, Central part of the South China and Eastern Archipelagic Seas (North of the Equator), excluding China and South-West part of Philippine Sea.
  • Volume P (NP87) will cover the North part of South China and Eastern Archipelagic Seas, plus Western part of East China, Philippine and Yellow Seas, including Taiwan Strait and Eastern Part of Gulf of Tonkin.

Please note that the light numbers in the new volume P area will remain unchanged from their old volume F numbers; the only change is that the initial letter of the alpha-numeric number changes from F to P. These Light Number changes will be automatically applied to the ADLL when the weekly updates are applied.

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