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Chart Coverage of the Suez Canal

Chart Coverage of the Suez Canal

Following the recent expansion project of the Suez Canal, the Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department and Suez Canal Authorities, have issued 2 new charts to replace the existing UKHO coverage (ADMIRALTY Chart 233).

The two new charts are:

  • SC01 - Suez Canal - Edition 1, dated 15th July 2015
  • SC02 - Suez Canal - Edition 1, dated 15th July 2015

The Vessel Authorities have advised that, with effect from 6th August 2015, NO VESSEL will be permitted to pass the Suez Canal without the above charts being on-board.

As you can expect with the short notice of this announcement, these charts are in very high demand.

When the IHO approves both of the new charts (SC01 and SC02) the UKHO will withdraw ADMIRALTY chart 233 and replace it with International coverage for this area. Until such time it has been officially withdrawn and replaced, ADMIRALTY chart 233 will remain in publication and should be on-board and kept up to date.

New ENCs of the Suez Canal

Egyptian ENCs covering the Suez Canal at a larger scale were released in AVCS and the ADMIRALTY ECDIS Service on the 16th of July.

Working in partnership with the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), the Egyptian Naval Hydrographic Department (ENHD) has produced these ENCs to align with the opening of a new and very important second channel within the Canal.

The Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department (ENHD) has indicated that all vessels transiting the Canal are expected to be carrying all band 5 ENCs to avoid Port State Control issues. Band 4 ENCs are not designed to be used without the larger scale data.

Please note that users of the AVCS Folio P9248 Suez Canal have received all of these new Egyptian ENCs automatically and are not required to take action.

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