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The Norwegian Maritime Authority accepts Regs4ships digital products

Norway is the latest addition to the Regs4ships product portfolio.

Norway is the latest addition to the Regs4ships product portfolio. The Norwegian Maritime Authority has recognised the Norwegian Regs4ships product as being the equivalent to the carriage of nautical publications in paper form.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority stated the following: "The Norwegian Maritime Authority accepts Regs4ships digital products as the electronic equivalents, which meet the requirements in respect of the carriage of publications."

Regs4ships is a searchable compliance database tool used ashore (via an online platform) and on-board vessels (via a DVD). It is now available for 22 of the world's leading Flag States and combines Flag State compliance documentation with IMO, ILO and EU legislation to provide an overall regulatory solution.

The Digital Maritime Regulatory database is now carried on 2,500 vessels globally and thousands of mariners use the online version ashore for a guaranteed up to date resource. Subscribers can save money with Regs4ships as paper publications are no longer required.

Regs4ships existing customer Lars B. Lødøn from Sanco Shipping AS commented: "The Regs4ships digital maritime regulatory service has been used by Sanco Shipping AS since 2013. This has not only saved us considerable amounts of time but also ensures that we have access to the latest regulations, forthcoming amendments and associated documentation in one simple solution."

The new Norwegian product will enable subscribers to have access to the following Flag State documentation: Acts, Regulations, Circulars and Forms in addition to IMO, ILO and EU legislation. Customers will also have the option to subscribe to additional IMO and International Regulatory Guidance, Codes and Conventions including the IMDG Code.

Existing Regs4ships subscriber Juan Garcia from Wilson Ship Management stated: "It is more important than ever to reference the latest and fully amended rules and regulations from the IMO, ILO, EU and Flag States. Regs4ships provide this in a simple and easy to navigate solution which can be accessed anywhere and at anytime."

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