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ADMIRALTY Port Approach Guides - Giving mariners extra information to aid planning

ADMIRALTY Port Approach Guides

Making port exit and entry quicker and easier, each chart in this expanding range contains extra, relevant planning information for the approach, and focuses on a single port.

Port Approach Guides pick up from Routeing Guides, providing detailed supporting information for the world's busiest ports, from pilot pick-up to berthing. By using ADMIRALTY Mariner's Routeing Guides and Port Approach Guides together, mariners have a port-to-port planning resource. The Port Approach Guide series coverage is rapidly increasing to include more of the world's busiest ports.

The ADMIRALTY Port Approach Guide portfolio is part of the passage planning range, and is designed to be used alongside a ship's mandatory navigational holdings to maximise ship safety and efficiency by containing information used during the planning stage of a port approach. Port Approach Guides are not designed to replace mandatory charts and publications, but to enhance them. By acting as a quick index of many of the ADMIRALTY products in the charted area, Port Approach Guides allow mariners to quickly identify and refer to the products they need.

At a glance

  • Promotes safer navigation.
  • Enhances situational awareness.
  • Saves bridge officers time during passage planning and master pilot exchange.
  • Can be used alongside carriage-compliant electronic or paper charts.
  • Provides an additional level of convenience and awareness when planning a port approach.
  • Offers a comprehensive range of information for individual ports in a single, conveient reference chart.
  • Planned coverage of the world's top 800 ports.

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