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ChartCo PassageManager gets thumbs up

ChartCo PassageManager

Over 200 users of ChartCo's data management software PassageManager recently completed an online survey. The objective of this latest survey was to gain objective feedback on PassageManager and its Technical Support service.

The survey was structured to provide a Net Promoter Score (NPS) which measures the loyalty that exists between a provider and a consumer. A NPS that is positive reflects a good product or service and an NPS of +50 is excellent.

Survey respondents mainly comprised of Ship Captains, Masters and Officers who are using PassageManager at sea on a daily basis to receive digital, paper chart and publication corrections, weather updates, Radio Navigational Warnings and other safety critical data to automatically create compliant and safe Passage Plans.

The results from the survey are very positive and indicate that the PassageManager software received an overall Net Promoter Score of 49 and ChartCo's Technical Support service achieved and outstanding NPS of 55. These scores demonstrate the respondents satisfaction with PassageManager as well as the Technical Support team.

The survey included 13 interval questions which required respondents to provide a score of between 1-10. Some examples include;

86% of respondents gave a score of between 8-10 for the following question 'Overall how do you rate ChartCo's PassageManager software?'

85% of respondents scored between 8-10 for the following question 'How helpful was our Technical Support team?'

87% of the survey respondents provided a rating of between 8-10 for the question 'Overall how satisfied are you with the service and products that you receive from ChartCo?'

Commenting on the results Julian Reichert, ChartCo's Head of Technical Support, explained: "We have always believed that our PassageManager product and 24 hour technical support is the best in the market but we were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support demonstrated by the end users of our software. The Net Promoter Score is essentially a measure of customer loyalty and any score above 0 is considered to be good so to receive such high scores in all categories is excellent. I am delighted that overall we are ranked in the same bracket for customer loyalty as Apple and Amazon."

The feedback from this online survey will be used to drive improvements in ChartCo's software and services and as a direct response we have already enhanced our 24/7 technical support by sharing 24 hour cover between personnel located in London and Singapore.

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