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New ADMIRALTY e-NP's at a glance


e-NPs are official ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications in a more convenient electronic format, bringing improved efficiency, accuracy and access to information bridge crews need.

e-NPs are designed to meet SOLAS carriage requirements, contain the same official information as their paper equivalents, and have been approved by the Flag States of over three quarters of ships trading internationally. e-NPs can also aid inspections by clearly showing when a publication was last updated with weekly NMs.

Below we look at ADMIRALTY e-NPs that are due in the first quater of 2015.

New e-NP's in Quarter 1, 2015

NP136 - Ocean Passages for the World
Used for ocean voyage-planning, it provides most major routes with distances between main ports and important positions, with details of weather, currents and ice hazards.

NP231 - Guide to the Practical Use of ENCs
Further enabling users to safely use ECDIS, this comprehensive reference guide provides detailed understanding of the construction of ENCs and how this can influence the ECDIS display.

NP232 - Guide to ECDIS Implementation, Policy and Procedures
Clear guidance on the efficient integration of ECDIS, helping fleets meet regulations and remain compliant.

NP294 - How to keep your ADMIRALTY products up-to-date
Clear guidance for the efficient upkeep and maintenance of official and compliant nautical charts and publications, whether paper or digital.

NP735 - IALA Maritime Buoyage System
Provides information on the Cardinal and Lateral Buoyage systems, helping mariners worldwide to clearly fix positions and avoid dangers.

NP5012 - Guide to ENC Symbols used in ECDIS
Contains comprehensive information, detailed explanations and descriptions of the traditional and simplified ENC symbols displayed in ECDIS. It also explains the factors affecting the display of ENC symbols.

NP5011 - Symbols and Abbreviations used on ADMIRALTY charts
Provides details on chart symbols and abbreviations used on the worldwide range of ADMIRALTY paper charts and International (INT) Chart Series paper charts. It also contains information on hydrography, topography and navigational aids and services.

NP234A and NP234B - Cumulative list of ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners
Assists users in identifying outstanding NMs and audit trails for particular charts. It is published every six months, with Part A in January and Part B in July.

NP247(1) and NP247(2) - Annual Summary ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners
Published every January in two parts. Part one, NP274(1), contains Annual NMs and reprints of all ADMIRALTY Temporary and Preliminary Notices in force on 1st January. Part two, NP247(2), lists the current editions of all volumes of Sailing Directions and amendments published in the weekly editions of ADMIRALTY NMs and are in force on 1st January.

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