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Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta ENC changes - effective 19 February 2015

Hong Kong / Pearl River Delta

Effective 19 February 2015.

Hong Kong is changing the way that it distributes ENCs of its waters and the adjacent Pearl River Delta. Originally planned to be effective from 19 February 2015, a single ENC unit will be available containing 56 ENCs covering the waters of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, from Zhuhai Gang in the west to Huizhou in the east.

The new ENC unit will be available on the same flexible licensing terms as the current unit. The current unit, containing 15 ENCs, will be withdrawn and all existing licensees will be supplied with the new unit free of charge for the remainder of their subscriptions.

As a result of this change, the AVCS Port Folios in the affected area have also been reviewed. Folio P9024 Hong Kong will be extended to include the new coverage and will be re-titled Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta. It will extend upstream as far as Guangzhou. Other Port Folios in the area affected will be withdrawn from sale but will remain available to existing licensees until the expiry of their subscriptions.

Click on the image below to see the extent of the new Hong Kong and Pearl River Delta unit.

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