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Kelvin Hughes formed a dedicated Superyacht Services Team in 2005, recognising the individual requirements of vessels immersed in an industry undergoing substantial regulatory change. A knowledgeable team was assembled to deal personally with Captains and Navigating Officers, providing a quality response to vessel’s day to day and seasonal needs.

A further innovation to our quality interface with the market, is the development and introduction of, a new website designed to further enhance the contact and approach that Kelvin Hughes has with the Bridge and Navigation Management aspect of a Super Yacht. The idea is to create a contact point which is accessible to “first timers” and established clients, offering information and points of interest relevant to the Charting and Publications sector.

One of the key areas on is the offer of a FREE CONSULTATION where our experienced Team will go through the requirements against your Flag Registry and assist in your compliance against the regulations enforceable on your vessel. The Team is constantly trained and updated in compliance issues and we intend for this to be a valuable and available service. will also have substantial information regarding Updating Services. Within the Kelvin Hughes group of companies is Chartco, and recently we have launched the new Chartco Select software, specifically designed for use on Superyachts. After months of research and testing “Select” is ready for the market.

Other areas to be covered will be Paper Charts with extensive information regarding the products we offer, Electronic Charts with details of the many alternatives a Navigating Officer may consider. Our Outfit Management Service is also described in detail, a service where we can help establish, keep up-to-date and manage the Charts and Publications required to keep your bridge compliant. If you are about to have an annual “Flag Audit”, let us take the strain and check through your inventory through our “Free Consultation”.

Another key area on is the Initial New Build Supplies tab. Here we offer to help set up the correct list of charts and publications against Flag Registry, Operational Regulations and Cruising Grounds. This service could save you hours of trawling through high levels of information. offers a newsletter service where we will include items of interest in the navigational field.