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Clipper race sponsorship highlights ChartCo's services to mariners

Clipper Round the World Race

ChartCo's support for the 40,000 mile Clipper Round the World Yacht Race clearly illustrates the capabilities of this global organization which is built around the supply of an efficient, timely, reliable and comprehensive navigational data service, keeping all types of vessel safe and compliant.

As part of this service, the yacht crews also have access to a wide range of nautical publications, including tide tables, lists of radio signals, weather and medical information and pilot book.

The organizers of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race supply a 20m stripped-down racing yacht to each crew – each one being sponsored by a city, a region or a country and each with an experienced, trained skipper to lead the crews safely around the world. The current race started in July last year, and by the time it finishes on 22 July this year, the boats will each have completed a 40,000 mile circumnavigation of the globe. The race is divided into eight legs and crew members can decide to join just one of them, select a combination of legs or complete the full round-trip. Altogether some 500 people are facing the challenge of a lifetime.

Mike Kerr, ChartCo's Leisure Business Manager commented: “Supplying our current editions and up-to-date nautical charts to the yacht navigators provides what they want, when and where they need it. This ensures that the Clipper yachts are able to race and navigate safely, all in compliance with the appropriate regulations”.

As well as supporting the yachting industry, sponsorship of the Clipper Race highlights the benefits that ChartCo also offers to commercial ships. “We have 250 years of unparalleled professional experience, and stock the most comprehensive range of paper and digital charts, publications, available on the market, as well as offering a number of services based around software specially developed for ships at sea” said Roni Kwan, Area Sales Manager, ChartCo - Singapore. “In addition to being the world’s largest chart agent, our competitive pricing, 24/7 support and international presence makes us the first choice for many ship owners and operators.

Last year ChartCo in Singapore signed contracts with nine more fleet operators to equip their vessels with charts, publications and nautical updates. “Many of the operators have heard about the ChartCo technology and service and have decided to try it out themselves.” Mr Kwan said. “Their vessels have worldwide trade routes and require 24/7 support for their charts, publications and nautical data needs. We have found that our customers not only need a reliable partner, but a company that has a consistent service around the globe to support and manage their vessels’ navigation outfits and requirements.

There are a number of advantages that we can offer, many of which come at no extra cost. For example, our outfit management system removes the tedious task of managing a vessel’s charts and publications from the vessel or office, while at the same time ensuring IMO SOLAS compliance. ChartCo can also offer a service that is able to save the bridge team enormous amounts of time and effort in chart correction and passage planning."