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PassageManager 5.1

PassageManager 5.1

ChartCo recently announced the release of a new and improved version of its PassageManager data management software. This latest release - PassageManager 5.1 - will be on display at SMM and incorporates a number of new features and improvements.

New Features

NavArea Warnings:

NavArea Warnings for all 21 areas are now presented graphically on a map and users can manage and monitor new, in-force and cancelled warnings via the NavArea Manager module. Warnings can also be incorporated into the passage plan if required.

Jeppesen SENC Updates:

PassageManager 5.1 also allows the receipt and management of C-MAP SENC updates, the creation of an 'exchange set' and transfer to ECDIS via DVD or USB.

Other new features include:

  • Management of Chart Corrections from the Outfit Management map
  • View of Chart & Publication Folios in the Outfit Management map
  • Support for new ECDIS route formats: Raytheon, SAM and Headway
  • Support for AIO Updates: AIO Updates can be collected from the ChartCo Data Centre and included with an AVCS Update 'exchange set' before being transferred to ECDIS

Improvements and refinements include:

  • Data Importing
  • Paper Charts Management
  • Publications Management
  • ENC Management
  • ARCS Management
  • Routeing and Passage Planning
  • Order Management

ChartCo will also be introducing the next iteration of PassageManager software at SMM. This will include routeing and distance tables, port state control data and an MLC compliant work and rest hours monitoring application.

Martin Taylor, Managing Director of ChartCo Ltd., said:
"PassageManager 5.1 offers more flexibility than ever and adds functionality which will increase the user's control of data. The new work and rest hours product marks a departure for ChartCo in that it is not directly related to navigational safety. However, we are introducing this in response to customer requests and as part of a wider push into compliance-related data management."