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New PassageManager for ChartCo's 5700 subscribers


Following intensive development work market leader ChartCo has released a new version of PassageManager, its passage planning and product management platform. In 2011 ChartCo was first to market with this form of graphical management tool, and the new release builds on the success of this innovation which is already installed across nearly 50% of the subscriber base.

PassageManager allows the ChartCo subscriber to plot routes, attach navigational products to those routes and then produce comprehensive passage plans combining product, port and route data. The software follows maritime best practice for creating passage plans and can be tailored to meet the varying demands of bridge procedures.

Steve Mariner, Business Development Director said: "PassageManager has been a great success and was another first for ChartCo in the maritime data world. Following this enthusiastic reception we have consulted with a number of leading Ship Operators to refine the passage planning tool which now provides a fully tailored and comprehensive passage plan in a matter of minutes, saving hours of work. Coupled with industry leading compression and data management techniques that reduce data sizes to a minimum, it makes a compelling offering". He added, "the new software has been exhaustively trialled by a select number of fleets prior to release. The feedback received has been very positive and the benefit of vessels having this sort of functionality available is evident. All the end-users of PassageManager have commented on the ease of use and considerable time saving the functions of the software deliver".

Vela is one such fleet and the Master of the Matar Star Capt. Paul Armitage stated "I wish to congratulate ChartCo on their excellent Passage Planning function in ChartCo. We have trialled ChartCo and it reduces passage planning from 2 to 3 hours to about 10 to 15 minutes including exporting the route from ECDIS".

Valeriy Baranov, Fleet Support Group Superintendent added "the ability of PassageManager to bring together product information with passage planning and then provide such a comprehensive passage plan document is very impressive. Nowadays time is valuable and ChartCo provides key labour saving tools while ensuring we have the most up to date navigational data possible. The detailed port data, which is updated every week means that it will become a vital tool within our fleet".

The new version of PassageManager is now being installed across the ChartCo fleet. The software is free for ChartCo subscribers. As part of PassageManager, users can subscribe to detailed port and piracy data.