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ChartCo and Jeppesen Partnership

Jeppesen ENCs

ChartCo, Jeppesen and KH Charts partnership allows innovative solution for paper and electronic navigational needs.

ChartCo will distribute updates for the Jeppesen Official ENC Service

Today at SMM Hamburg, industry leaders ChartCo, Jeppesen and KH Charts have announced that they will provide mariners with a unique and cost effective method of updating official ENCs from Jeppesen via the ChartCo Select service. As part of the tripartite arrangement, KH Charts will also be providing Jeppesen customers with paper products.

The partnership will allow the transfer of Jeppesen ENC data and updates out to vessels using the proven ChartCo technology at a fraction of the normal transmission costs. This approach, which will give mariners access to automatically updated ENC data from Jeppesen in SENC or S-63 format, will make it extremely simple and exceptionally cost effective for vessels to maintain up to date ENC holdings.

Alongside offering the distribution of Jeppesen data and updates through ChartCo, KH Charts will provide paper charts and publications to Jeppesen customers to provide a complete navigational solution. The combined existing customer base represents at least half of the current SOLAS cargo fleet.

“Navigators will have access to all required navigational data through one source” said Jeppesen OEM Strategic Business Manager Paul Elgar. He went on to say “By combining the most up-to-date electronic and printed chart data and bringing it to mariners through the industry’s most trusted delivery source, this best-of-all-worlds partnership will eliminate obstacles and hassles commonly associated with chart compliance.”

The service will enable the industry to benefit from the market leading ChartCo delivery and software solution together with the well-established Jeppesen SENC format data and flexible licensing options, OpenENC, Direct Licensing and Dynamic Licensing. Subscribers will be able to tailor SENC updates to only those they need and ChartCo will also provide functionality that will allow the downloading of individual Jeppesen SENC cells when required. This unique delivery solution will dramatically increase efficiency on board the vessel as well as reduce communication costs, allowing mariners to easily obtain and update ENCs onboard the ship without the continual need for the physical delivery of CDs or DVDs.

“ChartCo has been at the forefront of delivering navigational data direct to ships at sea since being incorporated in 1998” said Business Development Director Steve Mariner. He added “We are proud to be working with Jeppesen, a market leader in vessel operations services and navigational tools, and adding the distribution of Jeppesen data to our extensive range of services. It will be unique and have a major impact on how ENCs are delivered and used by mariners around the world as they face the challenge of mandated ECDIS.”