New Edition Publications

The following information details all recent new edition publications made available.

ADMIRALTY Publications

Updated: Week 26/2018

NP202-19 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 2, North Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Regions - 2019 Edition 21/06/18
NP15 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions - Australia Pilot Volume 3 (Fourteenth Edition) 2018 14/06/18
NP75 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume B 2018/19 Southern and Eastern Sides of the North Sea Including the Coast of Norway to latitude 60° 55'N 14/06/18
NP303(2) Nautical / Astronomical / Celestial Navigation Publication Rapid Sight Reduction Tables for Navigation Volume 2 14/06/18
NP49 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions - Mediterranean Pilot Volume 5 (Fourteenth Edition) 2018 07/06/18
NP201B-19 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 1B, United Kingdom and Ireland (Excluding Isles of Scilly, English Channel to River Humber, Channel Islands and European Channel Ports - 2019 Edition) 31/05/18
NP321-19 Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office - Astronomical / Surveying Publication - The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors for the year 2019 31/05/18
NP78 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume E 2018/19 West Mediterranean 24/05/18
NP286(2) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals - Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations - Europe, Arctic and Baltic Coasts, Including Iceland and Faroe Islands - 2018/19 Edition 24/05/18
NP12 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions - Arctic Pilot Volume 3 - (Tenth Edition 2018) 10/05/18
NP77 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume D 2018/19 Eastern Atlantic Ocean, Western Indian Ocean, Arabian and Red Seas 10/05/18
NP54 ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions North Sea (West) Pilot (Eleventh Edition 2018) 03/05/18
NP201A-19 ADMIRALTY Tide Tables, Volume 1A, United Kingdom - English Channel to River Humber (Including Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands and European Channel Ports) - 2019 Edition 26/04/18
NP286(1) ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals - Pilot Services, Vessel Traffic Services and Port Operations United Kingdom and Europe - 2018/19 Edition 26/04/18

Miscellaneous Publications

Updated: Week 26/2018

IMO560E Manual on Oil Pollution - Section II, 2018 Edition 11/06/18
SEA0406 ECDIS Passage Planning 31/05/18
SEA0215 Passage Planning Guidelines 31/05/18
SEA0402 ECDIS Procedures Guide 31/05/18
CDR0033 Code of Federal Regulations Title 33, Navigation & Navigable Waters, Parts 1-End - 3 Volumes 2018 DVD 18/05/18
CDR0003-UPD1 ITU List IV - List of Coast Stations and Special Service Stations 14/05/18
LLPUB111 List of Lights, Radio Aids and Fog Signals 2018 Edition - West coasts of North and South America (excluding the continental U.S.A. and Hawaii), Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and the Islands of the North and South Pacific Oceans 09/05/18
IMO117E ISM Code and Guidelines, 2018 Edition 01/05/18
ICS0420 Oil Tankers - A Pocket Safety Guide - 2018 Edition 26/04/18

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