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The following information details all the latest eBooks ChartCo currently have available for all major IMO titles as well as other industry standard publications that make up a ship's library.

Updated: 2015-09

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IMO eBooks

Title Published
2010 FTP Code - International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedures  
2010 HNS Convention 2013-10
2011 ESP Code 2014-02
A Pocket Guide to Cold Water Survival 2012-12
A Pocket Guide to Recovery Techniques 2014-12
A28 Resolutions and other decisions of the 28th Assembly 2014-12
Assembly Resolutions 2004-01
Ballast Water Management Convention & the Guidelines for its implementation 2009-10
BCH Code 2012-02
BLU Code (incl. BLU Manual) 2011-01
Casualty Investigation Code 2008-01
Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage (1992 CLC and 1992 Fund Convention) 1996-01
Code for the construction and equipment of mobile offshore drilling units 2001-01
Code of safe practice for the carriage of cargoes and persons by offshore supply vessels (OSV Code) 2012-02
Code on Alerts & Indicators 2010-10
Code on Noise Levels on Board Ships 2014-03
Comprehensive Manual on Port Reception Facilities 2014-01
Convention on the international regulations for preventing Collision Regulations 2003-01
Crude Oil Washing Systems 2000-03
CSS Code - Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing 2011-07
Dedicated Clean Ballast Tanks 2011-01
FAL Convention 2011-11
GMDSS Manual 2013-11
Goal-Based Ship Construction Standards for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers 2013-08
Guidance Document on the Implementation of an Incident Management System (IMS)  
Guide to Maritime Security and the ISPS Code 2012-05
Guide to Ship Sanitation 2011-06
Guideline for Oil Spill Response in Fast Currents 2013-09
Guidelines for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water 2004-01
Guidelines for the development of Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plans 2010-04
Guidelines for the transport and handling of limited Amounts of hazardous and noxious liquid substances in bulk on offshore support vessels 2012-01
Guidelines on Fatigue 2002-02
Hong Kong Convention for Ships Recycling 2013-11
IAMSAR Manual - Volume I 2013-06
IAMSAR Manual - Volume II 2013-06
IAMSAR Manual - Volume III 2013-06
IMDG Code (inc. Amdt. 36-12) 2 volumes 2012-12
IMDG Code (inc. Amdt. 37-14) 2 volumes 2014-11
IMDG Code 2014 Supplement 2015-02
IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases (IMO SMCP) 2002-02
IMO/ILO Guidelines for Seafarers' Hours of Work and Rest 1999-01
IMSBC Code and Supplement 2013-12
Inert Gas Systems 1990-06
International Code for Fire Safety Systems (FSS Code) 2007-01
International Code for the construction and equipment of ships carrying dangerous chemicals in bulk (IBC) 2007-01
International Code for the construction and equipment of ships carrying liquefied gases in bulk (IGC Code) 1993-03
International Code for the safe carriage of grain in bulk - International Grain Code 1991-01
International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft, 2000 - 2008 HSC Code 2008-01
International Code of Signals 2005-01
International Code on Intact Stability, 2008 2009-09
International Conference on Load Lines, Consolidated 2005-01
International Conference on Salvage 1989-07
International Conference on Tonnage Measurement of Ships 1970-01
International Convention for Safe Containers, 1972 (CSC 1972) 2014-03
International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-Operation 1991-01
International Health Regulations (IHR 2005) 2008-06
International Life-Saving Appliances (LSA Code) 2010-10
International Medical Guide for Ships 2009-05
International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) with guidelines for its implementation 2014-05
International SafetyNET Manual 2011-11
ISPS 2002-12
Manual on Chemical Pollution, Section 1 1999-01
Manual on Chemical Pollution, Section 2 2007-01
Manual on Chemical Pollution, Section 3 - Legal and Administrative Aspects of HNS Incidents 2015-06
Manual on maritime safety information (MSI Manual) 2011-05
Manual on Oil Pollution, Section I 2011-09
Manual on Oil Pollution, Section II 1995-01
Manual on Oil Pollution, Section III 1997-01
Manual on Oil Pollution, Section IV 2010-05
Manual on Oil Pollution, Section V 2009-01
Manual on Oil Pollution, Section VI 1998-01
Maritime English - Model Course 3.17 2009-09
MARPOL Annex V - Implementation 2013-01
MARPOL Annex VI and NTC 2008 with Guidelines for Implementation 2013-02
MARPOL Consolidated Edition 2012-01
MODU Code 2010-12
NAVTEX Manual 2012-12
Noise Levels on Board Ships 1982-01
Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas (PSSA), Compilation of official guidance documents and PSSAs adopted since 1990 1990-01
Performance standards for Shipborne Radio Communications and Navigational Equipment 2011-05
Pollution Prevention Equipment Under MARPOL 2008-02
Procedures for Port State Control 2011 2012-07
Provisions concerning the Reporting of Incidents Involving Harmful Substances 2012-02
Quantification Addendum: International Medical Guide for Ships 2011-08
Resolutions and other decisions of the 27th IMO Assembly (Resolutions 1033-1059, November 2011) 2012-10
Revised IMO Compendium on Facilitation and Electronic Business 2014-05
Revised recommendations on the safe transport of dangerous cargoes and related activities in port areas 2012-02
SAR Convention 1979-01
Ships' Biofouling Control & Management 2012-03
Ships Routeing 2015-10
SOLAS Consolidated Edition 2014-08
Specialized Training for Liquefied Gas Tankers, Model Course 1.06 1999-01
STCW, Consolidated Edition 2011-05
The Code of Safe Practice for Ships carrying Timber Deck Cargoes, 2011 2012-06
Waste Assessment Guidelines under the London Convention and Protocol 2014-11

Other eBooks

Title Published
21st Century Seamanship 2015-08
A 30,000 m3 Semi-Pressurised Ethylene Carrier 1984-01
A Breakthrough in Flue Has Cleanup, CO2 Mitigation and H2S Removal 2011-07
A Combined Approach to Shipboard Reliquefiers 1974-01
A Comparison of the Collision Resistance of Membrane Tank-Type and Spherical Tank-Type LNG Tankers 1981-01
A Cost-effective Solution for the Next Generation of LNG Carriers 1994-01
A fully flexible burn as fuel-gas approach to boil-off gas handling on LNG carriers with dual-fuel ME-GI propulsion 2011-07
A Gas Shipping Safety Programme 1978-01
A Guide to Seismic Survey Operations for Seafarers 2007-05
A Master's Guide to Berthing 2004-07
A Master's Guide to Cyber Security 2015-02
A Model for Port State Control of LNG Ships 2000-01
A New and Effective System for Leak Detection in LNG Tank Insulation 1996-01
A New Frontier Offshore Natural Gas Liqefaction  
A New Generation Moss Carrier 2000-01
A New LNG Alternative, The 'Floating LNG Receiving Terminal' Concept 1988-01
A Review of Practices and Regulations in The LNG Shipping Industry 1996-01
A Risk Based Approach for the Evaluation of Firefighting Equipment on Liquefied Gas Jetties 1999-09
A Safety Training Programme On-board LNG Carriers 1986-01
A Seafarers' Bill of Rights 2011-08
A Study of the Tank Systems of an 125,000 m3 MRV Type LNG Carrier (Loads and Stress Analysis) 1981-01
A Systems Approach to LNG Fire Safety 1979-01
A Tale of Two Sieves 2011-07
A Way to Prevent Leakages From Cryogenic Bolted Flanges 1996-01
ABS Group Programs for Technical Evaluation and Longevity Assessments of Ageing Gas Carriers 2000-01
Accident Prevention (IP no.4), The Use of Hoses and Hard-Arms at Marine Terminals, 2nd Edition 1996-10
Additional Shipping Regulations and Guidance Subscription 2009-12
Additional Shipping Regulations and Guidance Subscription Renewal 2009-12
Advances in Assessment of LNG Sloshing for Large Membrane Ships 2005-01
Advances in design and layout of Moss LNG carriers 2005-01
Ageing LPG Carriers - Experience from CAP as a Condition Assessment Tool 1998-01
American Practical Navigator 2012-08
An integrated Instrumentation & Control Package for floating and aerial LNG transfer systems 2011-07
An Introduction to Bunker Credit Risk 2010-05
An Introduction to Bunker Operations 2010-05
An Introduction to Bunkering 2012-10
An Introduction to Fuel Analysis 2009-05
An Introduction to Fuel Measurement 2015-06
An Overview of the Design Features of the Self-Supporting Prismatic Tank System (SPB) LNG Carrier 1986-01
Analysis of the LPG Disaster in Mexico City, 19 November 1984 1985-01
Anchor Handling Tug Operations 2012-01
Anchoring Systems and Procedures 2010-09
Anchors & Anchorwork 2007-01
Angola LNG Plant - Enhancing Design and Operarability 2011-07
Application of Amendments to Gas Carrier Codes Concerning Type C Tank Loading Limits 2012-01
Arctic Canada LNG System 1974-01
Assessment of The Longevity of Aquarius Class LNG Carriers 1996-01
Assessment Procedure with Todays Latest Calculation Tools of Modern and Existing Designs of Large LPG Tankers  
Attenuation of Radiant Heat on LNG/LPG Carriers with Freestanding Water Curtains 1986-01
Aviation Insurance - A PlaneMan's Guide, 2nd Edition 2012-07
Ballast Water Management, 6th Edition 2015-09
Barge Safety (Liquefied Cargoes in Bulk) 1999-07
Best Management Practices (BMP4) for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy 2011-09
Best Simulation Practices That Ensure Terminal Safety and Reliability 2006-01
Boil Off Gas Operation on LNG Carriers with Dual Fuel Propulsion Plant  
Bridge Procedures Guide 4th Edition  
Brown's Rule of the Road Manual - The rule of the road at sea, 19th Edition 2013 2013-01
Bulk Cargo Loading and Discharging Guidance 2012-08
Bulk Carrier Notes 2010-08
Bulk Carriers Handle With Care 2012-09
Bulk Liquid Chemical Handling Guide for Plants, Terminals, Storage & Distribution Depots (BLCH Guide) 2012-09
Bunker Fuel for Marine Engines - A Technical Introduction 2012-07
Bunkers - An Analysis of the Practical, Technical and Legal Issues 2004-01
Bunkers - An Analysis of the Technical and Environmental Issue 2013-02
Bureau Veritas Involvement in New Design of Large LNG Carrier Example of a 165000m3 LNG C Project 2006-01
Canned Hermetically Sealed Compression For Reliable Long Term Operation in Gas Storage Applications 2011-07
Captains Legal 2009-02
Carbon Capture and Storage - CO2 Shipping in the Transportation Chain 2011-07
Cargo Claims/Cargo Losses 1982-01
Cargo Instrumentation and Control System for a Floating LPG Terminal 1975-01
Cargo Notes, 2nd Edition 2009-08
Cargo pump requirements for the next generation of LNG carriers 1993-01
Cargo Tank Safety Valves - Some Views on Classification Society Requirements and Safety Considerations 1993-01
Carter on Reinsurance, 5th Edition 2013-07
Challenges of LNG Carriers, Propelled by New Propulsion Systems - Ship Builder's Viewpoint 2006-01
Challenges of Mitsubishi Membrane LNG Carrier 2000-01
Chart No 1 USA Nautical Chart Symbols Abbreviations and Terms 2012-08
Charterers' Liability Insurance 2008-11
Checklists - Masters Pocket Book 2009-06
Chemical Tanker Notes 2007-09
Chemical Tanker Pocket Book - Russian Version 2008-11
Chemical Tankers, A Pocket Safety Guide 2013-01
Clean Seas Guide for Oil Tankers 4th Edition 1994-08
Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen 2012-08
Collision Strength of LNG Carriers 2000-01
Combine Ice Class Rules with Direct Calculations for Design of Artic LNG Vessel  
Commercial Practice In Bunkering 2011-06
Comparison of Spherical and Membrane Large LNG Carriers in Terms of Cargo Handling 2005-01
Comparison of Wind Tunnel Model Loads on Membrane and Spherical Tank LNG Carriers 1982-01
Competence Assurance Guidelines For FPSO's 2009-01
Competence Assurance Guidelines for Mooring, Loading and Lightering Masters 2015-01
Confined Space Safe Practice 2012-08
Consideration of Marine Safety Requirements when Siting and Designing LNG Terminals and Ports 1998-01
Construction and Operation of SK Supreme-KOGAS GTT Mark III LNG Tanker 2000-01
Construction and Performance of the World's Largest LNG Ships  
Construction, Commissioning and Delivery of the First of Five 130 000 m3 LNG Tankers for Petronas Tankers Sdn Bhd 1994-01
Container Refrigeration 2008-07
Contingency Planning and Crew Response Guide for Gas Carrier Damage at Sea and in Port Approaches 3rd Edition 1999-07
Controlling Hydrocarbon Emissions From Tank Vessel Loading 2012-08
Coping with Capture 2013-06
Coping with the Phenomenon of Ammonia Stress Corrosion Cracking  
Core Design Issues of a Large LNG Carrier 2005-01
Crew Safety Standards and Training for Large LNG Carriers. Esssential best practices for the industry 2003-09
Crude Oil Tanker Basics 2009-10
Crude petroleum and petroleum products - Transfer accountability  
CS CL CO Controlling Garbage And Plastic Wastes At Sea 2012-08
CS1 - New Containment System For LNG Carriers 2002-01
Design & Construction of a New Type 135,000 m3 LNG Carrier for Abu Dhabi National Oil Company 1996-01
Design and Actual Service of Cargo Handling Equipment on an LNG Carrier 1985-01
Design and Construction Development of 4-tank Moss-type 135000m3 LNG Carriers 1993-01
Design and Construction of an 18,800 m3 LNG Carrier - The First Vessel of the Technigaz, Mk III Membrane Design 1993-01
Design and Construction Specification for Marine Loading Arms 3rd Ed. 1999-05
Design and Evaluation of an LNG Carrier with New Cylindrical Tanks 1998-01
Design Options For An Arctic Class LNG Carrier 1979-01
Design, Construction, Inspection and Maintenance of Gas Carriers for Long Life Service 1994-01
Design, Siting and Marine Operation of an Offshore LNG Receiving Terminal 2000-01
Designing LNG Carriers for the 21st Century with Emphasis on Economical and Safe Operations 1994-01
Developing an innovative LNG Tandem Offloading System Based on Floating Cryogenic Hoses 2011-07
Development of Large LNG Carriers with Dual Fuel Diesel Electric Propulsion 2002-01
Development of LNG Fueled Propulsion System for Containerships and Tanker 2011-07
Development of Shipboard Reliquefaction Systems for LNG Carriers 2006-01
Development of the KC-1 LNG Cargo Containment System 2006-01
Developments in Dual-fired Steam-raising Plant for LNG Carriers 1975-01
Developments of the Technigaz Integrated Tank System for Methane Carriers 1975-01
Dictionary of Maritime Terms English-Italian-English, 4th Edition 2014-02
Disabled Tankers - Report of Studies on Ship Drift & Towage 1981-01
Distances Between Ports 2012-08
Drift Characteristics of 50,000 to 70,000 DWT Tankers 1982-01
Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse, 3rd Edition 2014-12
Dual-fuel-electric LNG carriers 2006-01
ECDIS Passage Planning Including ECDIS Watchkeeping, 2nd Edition 2015-06
ECDIS Procedures Guide 2012-04
Economic Design Concept for Small LNG Carriers 2006-01
Economic Evaluation of Propulsion Systems for LNG Carrier - A Comparative Life Cycle Cost Approach  
Effective Mooring 3rd Edition 2010-02
Electric propulsion for LNG Carriers - A technical tour of three electrical technologies available today 2006-01
Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRVs)  
Emergency Response Guidebook ERG 2012 2012-06
Energy - Saving LNG Carriers 1981-01
Energy Management Systems  
Enhanced Safety-LNG Offshore Loading Systems 2002-01
Environmental Management Systems  
Environmental Performance of Tanker Designs in Collision and Grounding 2012-08
ESD Arrangements & Linked Ship/Shore Systems For Liquefied Gas Carriers 2012-08
Evacuated Insulating Boxes Giving Low Boil-Off for Gaz-Transport Methane Carriers 1986-01
Evaluation of Propulsion Options for LNG Carriers 2002-01
Fatigue Tests on an LNG Carrier Tank Corner Assembly of Gaz Transport Technique 1986-01
Filling Limits for Liquefied Gas Cargo Tanks 1990-01
Fire Control Systems for LNG 1994-01
Flag State Regulations - Bahamas 2015 2015-03
Flag State Regulations - Denmark 2015 2015-03
Flag State Regulations - Isle of Man 2015 2015-03
Flag State Regulations - Marshall 2015 2015-03
Flag State Regulations - Singapore 2015 2015-03
Flag State Regulations - UK 2015 2015-03
Floating LNG Book 2012-11
Floating LNG Grows Up 2011-07
Floating LNG Import Terminal in Dubai 2011-07
Foam Expansion Ratios and Flowrates. The Best Solutions for LNG Fires 1994-01
Fresh Air in Dark Places 2010-03
Fuel Gas on Non-Gas Ships 2011-07
Full Scale Measurements of Sloshing in LNG Tanks 2011-07
Fully Refrigerated LPG Carriers 2004-05
Gas Carriers - Effects of Fire on the Cargo Containment System 1976-01
Gas Carriers - Some Constructional and Practical Considerations 1975-01
Gas Carriers with Self-Supporting Prismatic-Type Cargo Tanks 1982-01
Gas Fuelled Ships - Fundamental, Benefits, Classification & Operational Issues 2011-07
Gas Supply Developments Using Distributed LNG Concepts 2011-07
Gas Transportation - Chartering Terms (Voyage and Time Chartering) 1981-01
Gas Turbine Electric Propulsion for LNG Carriers Myth or Money Spinner? 2006-01
Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems for LNG carrier applications 2002-01
GasTech 2006 Safety Considerations in LNG Ship-to-Ship Transfers 2006-01
General Rules for Tankers Owned or Operating in the US 2014 / 2015 Edition  
Guia de Abastecimiento del Combustible Marino 2008-05
Guidance for LNG Carriers Transiting the Panama Canal 2014-06
Guidance of Surveyors Navigational Equipment 2012-08
Guide to Contingency Planning for Marine Terminals Handling Liquefied Gases in Bulk, 2nd Edition 2001-10
Guide to Contingency Planning for the Gas Carrier Alongside and Within Port Limits, 2nd Edition 1999-07
Guide To Helicopter-Ship Operations 4th Edition  
Guide to Manufacturing and Purchasing Hoses for Offshore Moorings (GMPHOM 2009) 2009-11
Guide to Port Entry 2015-16 2014-12
Guidelines for Ballast Tank Coatings Systems and Surface Preparation 2014-09
Guidelines for Liquid Chemical Hose Management  
Guidelines for Offshore LNG Terminals Based on Experience  
Guidelines for the Alleviation of Excessive Surge Pressures on ESD 1987-01
Guidelines for the Design, Operation and Maintenance of Multi-Buoy Moorings (MBM) 2010-06
Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers 2000-09
Guidelines on Early Assessment of Hull Damage and Possible Need for Abandonment of Bulk Carriers 2012-08
Guidelines on the Application of the IMO International Safety Management (ISM) Code  
Guidelines on the ShipBoard Odourisation of LPG 2000-09
Hatch Covers - Operation,Testing and Maintenance 2008-01
Hatch Covers - Operation,Testing and Maintenance SKULD edition 2012-01
Hawser Test Report 1982-01
Helicopter Operations at Sea - A Guide for Industry 2012-02
High-Performance Tugboats for Offshore Terminal Operations 2006-01
HMS Conway 1859-1974 2008-10
HNS Convention - Strict Liability Coming To The LNG Industry? 2005-01
How accurate is the Shipboard Custody Transfer Measurement system? An independent research by SGS 2005-01
How the Gas Industry can develop and Retain the Best Talent 2011-07
Hydrates in LPG Cargoes 2008-07
Icebreaking Operations Levels Of Service 2012-08
IEC/PAS 60092-510:2009, Electrical installations in ships - Special features - High Voltage Shore Connection Systems (HVSC-Systems)  
IHI SPB LNG Carrier - Fatigue Strength, Quality Control and Recent Design Development 1984-01
IMO MSC / MEPC Resolutions and Circulars - 2014 Network Version 2013-05
IMPA on Pilotage 2014-05
In Command 2007-09
Initial Experience with LNG/MCR expanders in MLNG-DUA 2011-09
Innovations That Reduce Maintenance Costs for Submerged Motor LNG Pumps 2000-01
Inspection Repair and Maintenance of Ship Structures, 2nd Edition 2009-03
Insuring Cargoes - A practical guide to the law and practice  
Internal Insulation of Moss Rosenberg's Spherical Gas Tanks 1974-01
Internal Insulation System for LPG Carriers 1974-01
International Code of Signals 2012-08
International Navigating Conditions Area Limits Map 11th Edition 2012-02
INTERTANKO A Guide for Correct Entries in the Oil Record Book (Part I - Machinery space ops), 3rd Edition 2014-03
INTERTANKO A Guide for Correct Entries in the Oil Record Book (Part II - Cargo/ballast operations), 1st Edition 2014-03
INTERTANKO Ballast Water Management for Tankers  
INTERTANKO Commentary on SHELLVOY 6 2005-03
INTERTANKO Guidance Booklet on Seafarers' Hours of Work and Rest (ILO 180 / MLC 2006) 2008-04
INTERTANKO Guidance Manual For Maintenance Of Tanker Structures 2008-01
INTERTANKO Guide for a Tanker Energy Efficiency Management Plan 2009-12
INTERTANKO Guide to the Vetting Process, 11th Edition 2015-09
INTERTANKO Guiding Principles to Emergency Management and Crisis Communications 2004-01
INTERTANKO Oil Pollution Legislation in Littoral States of the USA 2011-01
INTERTANKO Shelltime 4 and ShellLNGTime 2010-09
INTERTANKO Vetting Clauses - A Practical Guide 2006-08
INTERTANKO Worldscale - A Tanker Chartering Tool 2001-07
Introduction to the Design and Maintenance of cargo system pressure relief valves onboard gas carriers 1998-08
ISGOTT, 5th Edition 2006-06
Jetty Maintenance and Inspection Guide (OCIMF/ SIGTTO) 2008-09
Legal issues in Bunkering 2011-09
Lessons From the Four Explosions that Rocked Sydney 2000-01
Lessons Learned in the Qualification of Components and Systems for FLNG and Realisation of an LNG Test and Technology Centre 2011-07
Liquefied Gas Carriers - Your Personal Safety Guide 2012-12
Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management 2004-01
Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ships and in Terminals, 3rd Edition 1999-02
Liquefied Gas Transfer At Sea 2002-01
Liquefied Gases Marine Transportation and Storage 2010-09
Liquefied Natural Gas LNG Proceedings USCG 2012-08
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sampling Procedures 2010-05
Lloyd's Register Guidance on the Operation of Membrane LNG Ships to avoid the risk of Sloshing Damage  
LNG Cargo Tanks - A ship motions analysis of Internal Dynamic Loading 1974-01
LNG Carrier Cargo Tank Inerting in Tokyo Bay 1976-01
LNG Carriers with IMO Type C Tank Systems for Atmospheric Transportation 1993-01
LNG Gas Carrier with High pressure Gas Engine Propulsion Application 2006-01
LNG Incident Cleveland, October 20, 1994  
LNG Log 24 2000-01
LNG Marine Terminals 2012-05
LNG Marine Transportation 1974-01
LNG Operational Practice 2006-01
LNG Operations in Port Areas 2003-09
LNG Ship Tank Calibration - World Overview  
LNG Shipping Knowledge, 2nd Edition 2011-10
LNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards Vol 2, 2008 Edition 2008-12
LNG Steamship Suggested Competency Standards for Engineers 2010-11
LNG Tank Design - GTT 2012-05
LNG Tanks Design - Moss 2012-05
LNG Transfer Arms and Manifold Procedures 2012-08
LNG Transfer Ship-To-Ship Following LNG Libra Tailshaft Failure 1981-01
LNG Transportation Economy with SPB Technology 1996-01
LNG Vessel Longevity  
LNG Water Vapour Explosion - Estimate of Yields and Pressures 1978-01
LNG/LPG Arms Protection Against Excessive Ship Movement - A New Approach 2000-01
Loading and Offloading of LNG in Open Seas 2002-01
Longevity of LNG Carriers 2012-05
Long-term Fatigue Monitoring For LNG Carriers 2005-01
LPG Contaminations by Interactions of Sulphur Compounds 1988-01
LPG Operations-making The Grade (change) Some Operational Mysteries of Liquefied Gas Ships 1996-01
LPG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards  
LPG Trading Patterns 1974-01
Machinery/Process Configurations for an Evolving LNG Landscpare Air Products 2011-07
Macneil's Seamanship Examiner - COLREGS Pocket Book 2010-10
Macneil's Seamanship Examiner - MATES/MASTERS Pocket Book 2011-11
Macneil's Seamanship Examiner - OOW Pocket Book 2010-10
Managing Innovation Using the Norman Lady and the High Galleon as Case Studies 2002-01
Manifold Recommendations for Liquefied Gas Carriers 2011-07
Manning a New Generation of LNG Ships 2011-07
Manual Of Oil Tanker Operations, 1st Edition 2011 2011-01
Manual on Loading and unloading of solid bulk cargoes for terminal representatives 2012-08
Marine Bulk Cargo Measurement Surveys 2013-11
Marine Cargo Clauses - A Collection of Non-Institute Clauses, 2nd Edition 1997-12
Marine Cargo Surveys 2011-11
Marine Classification Society Surveying 2009-04
Marine Engineering Q & A 2009-09
Marine Fuels and Emissions 2013-09
Marine Scrubbers: The Guide 2015 2015-07
Marine Survival, 3rd Edition 2011-11
Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA) 2012-09
Marine Terminal Operator Competence and Training Guide (MTOCT) 2013-01
Marine Terminals - Site Selection, Design & Operation 2011-07
Mark III Containment System Pre-outfitting on Blocks - a New Method for LNG Carrier Construction 1993-01
Master's Guide to Shipboard Disciplinary Procedures - Code of Conduct for the Merchant Navy 2015-07
Measurement of Density in Custody Transfer Systems 1975-01
Mechanical Vibration - Measurement of vibration on ships - Measurement of s  
Mechanical Vibration - Measurement of vibration on ships - Pre-installation vibratory noise measurement of shipboard equipment  
Methodology for Liquid Motions Analysis 2000-01
Modularisation of LNG Liquefaction Plants - A Pioneering Approach that Looks Set to Continue… 2011-07
Mooring Equipment Guidelines, 3rd Edition 2008-10
Motor Starters and Controls for Marine Gears 2015-06
MSC.285(86) and Code for Gas-fuelled Ships (IGF Code) - Technical Challenges and Perspectives 2011-07
Natural Gas Hydrate (NGH) - Highlights of Overland Transportation Demo Project 2011-07
NAVBasics (3 book set), 2nd Edition  
Navigation Advanced for Mates/Masters, 2nd Edition 2015-09
Navigation for Masters, 4th Edition 2012-04
New Application for Large Fully refrigerated Gas Carriers 1998-01
New Concept of Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) for side by side LNG unloading in Adverse Weather Conditions  
New Membrane Containment Systems - An Innovative Synergy 1996-01
NexGen Gas Engineers 2011-07
Next Generation On-shore LNG Plant Designs 2011-07
Nicholls's Seamanship and Nautical Knowledge, 29th Edition 2014-01
Nitrogen for LNG/LPG Ships by Pressure Swing Adsorption 1979-01
Nitrogen Production by Membrane Separation 1986-01
Nitrogen-producing Inert Gas Plants Onboard Liquefied Gas Tankers - Aspects and Experience 1986-01
Offshore Engineering and Production  
Offshore Floating LNG Terminals - Risk Based Selection Methodoly of Key Technologies 2011-07
Offshore LNG Loading Problem Solved 2000-01
Offshore LNG Toscana ('OLT') - An E On Ruhrgas Update on the Project 2011-07
Offshore Loading Safety Guidelines with special relevance to harsh weather zones 1999-01
Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment (OVMSA) 2012-04
Oil Pollution in Ice Covered Waters  
Oil Tankers - A Pocket Safety Guide 2015-08
Onboard Reliquifaction for LNG Ships 2005-01
Onboard Safety 2012-03
Operating in Emission Control Areas. Part 1 The Guide 2015-01
Operating in Emission Control Areas. Part 2 The Manual 2015-01
Operational Experience with Diesel-Electric and Steam-Powered LNG Carriers 2011-07
Optimisation of LPG Carrier Design and Its Influence on Long Term Operating Costs 1984-01
Optimum Methods of Operation for LNG Carriers Examining the Major Containment System Designs 1975-01
Parallel Index Technique in Restricted Waters 2014-03
Partial Filling of Membrane Type LNG Carriers 2005-01
Passage Planning Guidelines, 3rd Edition 2015-07
Passage Planning Practice 2006-01
Passage Planning Principles 2006-01
Passage Planning Principles (SKULD) 2012-01
Passing the baton clearly 2000-01
Passive Tandem Mooring LNG Offloading System 2000-01
Peril at Sea and Salvage A Guide for Masters, 5th Edition 1998-09
Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries - Installation and Equipment for Liquefied Natural Gas  
Pilot Ladder Safety, 6th Edition 2012-01
Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships 2000-01
Planning for Longevity - A Review of R&D, Design and Construction of Three Series of Large LNG Carriers 1990-01
Pocket Safety Guide - Confined Spaces 2010-01
Pocket Safety Guide - Fire Extinguisher 2010-01
Pocket Safety Guide - H2S 2010-01
Pocket Safety Guide - Lifting Appliances 2010-01
Pocket Safety Guide - Manual Handling 2010-01
Pocket Safety Guide - Permit to work 2010-01
Pocket Safety Guide - Slips, Trips and Falls 2010-01
Polar Eagle/Arctic Sun - The First Year of Operation  
Port and Terminal Regulations 2015-04
Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge, 3rd Edition 2014-02
Prediction of LNG Tank Roll-Over 1982-01
Prediction of Sloshing Loads in LNG Ships 1981-01
Prevention of Oil Spillages Through Cargo Pumproom Sea Valves, 2nd Edition 1991-01
Professional Indemnity Insurance in the Construction Industry 2013-04
Proposals for LNGC Propulsion System with Re-Liquefaction Plant, A Review from the World's First Application 2002-01
Quantity Calculations LPG and Chemical Gases, 2nd Edition 1997-09
Radar and AIS for Watchkeeping Officers, 1st Edition 2012-01
Radar Navigation and Manoeuvering Board Manual 2012-08
Radar tank gauging in LPG tanks 1993-01
Rapid Assessment of the Consequences of LPG Release 1984-01
Reactivating and Bringing into Service Laid-up LNG Carriers 1993-01
Recommendations for Equipment employed in the bow mooring of conventional tankers at single point moorings 2007-01
Recommendations for Oil Tanker Manifolds and Associated Equipment, 4th Edition 1991-01
Reduction of Boil-Off Gas for LNG Offshore Terminals 2011-07
Reflections After Twenty Years' Service of Kværner Moss LNG vessels 1994-01
Refrigerated light hydrocarbon fluids - Liquefied natural gas - Procedures for custody transfer on board ship  
Regulatory Primer for 2nd and Chief Engineers Covering Current & New Regulations Issue 05 2014-09
Regulatory Primer for Mates & Masters Covering Current & New Regulations Issue 05 2014-09
Reinsurance - The Nuts and Bolts, 3rd Edition 2012-05
Repairs to the LNG Carrier 'Tellier' - Longevity of the Technigaz Tank Technology 1990-01
Report On The Effects Of Fire On LNG Carrier Containment Systems 2012-08
Report Writing for Marine Surveyors 2011-01
Response to Marine Oil Spills, 2nd Edition 2012-07
Review of Rollover and other mixing phenomena in LNG and other cryogenic liquid mixtures 2011-07
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Safety Rules and Evaluations for the LNG Ship berth in Japan  
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Sea-going Vessels and Marine Technology - Instructions for Planning, Carrying Out and Reporting Sea Trials  
Sealed LNGC- A New Concept LNG Carrier  
Seamanship Library - ILO Convention Module 2012-01
Seamanship Library - ILO Convention Module - Network 2012-01
Seamanship Notes 2004-12
Second Life of LNG Tankers  
Service longevity of the 'LNG Aquarius' class vessels 1990-01
Ship Agency - A Guide to Tramp Ship Agency Practice 2013-07
Ship Automation for Marine Engineers and ETOs 2011-12
Ship Captains Medical Guide 2012-08
Ship Efficiency, The Guide, 2nd Edition 2013-07
Ship Manoeuvring Principles and Pilotage 2001-09
Ship Performance Management 2014-07
Ship Recycling Management Systems - Diagrams to Show the Location of Hazardous Materials On-board Ships  
Ship recycling Management Systems - Requirements for Bodies Providing Audit and Certification of Ship recycling Management  
Ship Recycling Management Systems - Specifications for Management Systems for Safe and Environmentally Sound Ship Recycling Facilities 2009-04
Ship Squat and Interaction 2009-09
Ship Stability Mates/Masters 2003-01
Ship Stability OOW 2009-08
Ship to Ship Service Provider Management 2011-09
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Ship to Shore Transfer of LNG - A New Approach 2005-01
Ship Types Overview 2012-08
Ship Vetting and its Application to LNG 2004-01
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Ship/Shore LNG Transfer - How To Cut Cost? 2000-01
Shipboard Automatic Identification System AIS Displays 2012-08
Shipboard Drills 2012-05
Shipboard Safety Officer Notes  
Shipbuilding - Fixed jib cranes - Ship Mounted type for general cargo handling  
Shipbuilding and Marine Structures - Vocabulary and Symbols  
Shipbuilding and Repair Quality Standard SARQS 2012-08
Shipping - An Introduction to the Technical, Operational and Commercial Aspects 2014-06
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Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 10 2012-12
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 11 2013-05
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Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 13 2014-02
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 14 2014-12
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 15 2015-07
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Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 3 2010-07
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 4 2010-07
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 5 2011-03
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 6 2011-07
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 7  
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 8 2012-04
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Issue 9 2012-08
Shipping Regulations and Guidance Subscription Renewal 2009-12
Shipping Regulations Consolidated Edition 2014-06
Shipping Terms and Acronyms 2012-03
Ships and marine technology - Embarkation ladders  
Ships and Marine Technology - High-Pressure Floating Pneumatic Rubber Fenders  
Ships and marine technology - Maintenance and testing to reduce losses in critical systems for propulsion  
Ships and Marine Technology - Marine Environment Protection. Management and Handling of Shipboard Garbage  
Ships and marine technology - Marine magnetic compasses, binnacles and azimuth reading devices  
Ships and marine technology - Marine wind vane and anemometers  
Ships and Marine Technology - Maritime Port Facility Security Assessments and Security Plan Development  
Ships and Marine Technology - Pilot Ladders  
Ships and marine technology - Pressure/vacuum valves for cargo tanks  
Ships and marine technology - Ship recycling management systems - Guidelines for the implementation of ISO 30000  
Ships and Marine Technology - Ships Bridge Layout and Associated Equipment  
Ships and Marine Technology - Transmitting Heading Devices (THDs), Gyro-Compasses  
Ships Recycling Management Systems - Guidelines for Selection of Ship Recyclers (and pro forma contract)  
Ship's wheelhouse windows - Heating by hot air glass panes  
Ship-Shore Compatibility Study for Next Generation Large Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers 2006-01
Side by Side LNG Transfer in Offshore Environment. A Feasible solution or a project showstopper!  
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So you want to go to Sea? 2011-12
Some Design Aspects of Multi-grade Liquefied Gas/Chemical/Product Carriers 1986-01
Specification for roll on / roll off ship-toship connection: interface between terminals and ships with straight stern/bow ramps  
Spills of Nonfloating Oils Risk and Response 2012-08
Spiral Generation for Automated LNG Ship Insulation 1976-01
Standby Vessels - Masters Pocket Book Series 2009-04
Step by Step Guide to Ballast Water Mangement 2013-12
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STS Transfer of LNG in Small Scale  
Successful Service Experience and Performance of the 130 000 m3 Membrane Type LNG Carriers in the Misc Fleet 1988-01
Supply Ship Operations 2009-03
Support Craft at Liquefied Gas Facilities - Principles of Emergency Response and Protection - Onshore 2015-08
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Survival Craft 2008-12
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Take-Over and Operating Experience with the Gaz De France Dual Fuel Diesel Electric LNG Carriers  
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The Guide to Maritime Environmental & Efficiency Management - Part 2: The Handbook 2015-01
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The Importance of the Human Element in the Transportation of Liquid Gas 1975-01
The Key to Higher Loading Limits for Cargo Tanks on Gas Carriers - The LGA Additional Pressure Relieving System 1986-01
The LNG BOG Labyrinth-Piston Compressor with Flexible Capacity Control 2000-01
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The M-FLEX LNG Carrier design- Creating Value in Three Parts of the LNG Chain  
The Modelling of Large Scale Accidental Releases of Dense, Cold Vapours, and Some Examples 1979-01
The new Propulsion Systems for LNG Tankers 2002-01
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Total Support System During Life Cycle of LNG Ships- Advanced Ship Maintenance Support System  
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Use of Closed Loop Expansion Cycles for C2 + NGL Recovery - A Refinery Off-Gas Example 2011-07
Use of Risk Analysis for Emergency Planning of LNG Carriers 2000-01
Useful Service Life of LNG Carriers - 20, 30, 40 Years? 1990-01
Ventilation of Cargo Spaces where Vehicles with Internal Combustion Engines are Driven - Calculation of Theoretical Total Airflow Required  
Water Ingress Monitoring A Guide for Masters of Bulk Carriers 2012-08
Winterization Guidelines for LNG/CNG Carriers in Arctic Environments 2006-01
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Yemen LNG Project - Innovative Techniques used to Qualify a Weather Exposed Site for the Terminals 1998-01