Plan your route based on the best possible conditions

Through PassageManager, the MetManager service provides comprehensive weather information and computer-based on-board vessel routeing advice.

In an extension of its capabilities, the MetManager forecast can be imported by PassageManager and used as part of the passage plan.

Watch this short video to see MetManager in action:


Up to date weather forecasting and routeing capability means that weather damage to the vessel and cargo can be avoided.

ChartCo can also arrange for shore-based routing services based on the same core data, allowing bespoke voyage instructions to be sent to the vessel, which can be imported into the on-board software to give convenient visual representation of the proposed route.

Forecast data is automatically received on-board the vessel without the need for initiation by the vessels' crews. All vessels receive highly detailed full ocean region coverage.

Vessel Routeing: following receipt of new forecast data, the user can update the computer-based routeing advice with enhanced route comparison and track details in order to ensure economic passage planning.

Key Features

  • Weather forecast data updated every six hours.
  • As recommended by SOLAS, forecast data is displayed in a graphical format and includes:
    • Surface pressure.
    • 500 mb pressure.
    • Wind direction and speed ranges.
    • Significant wave height and swell height.
    • Latest tropical storm information (text and graphical).
    • Significant ocean current information.
    • Ice information (text and graphical).
    • Sea surface temperature analysis.
  • Two levels of service are available; 5 Day and 16 Day.
  • Weather data can be exported to the passage plan.
  • On-board route planning includes:
    • User defined routes, wind and sea limits and no-go areas.
    • High resolution wind and wave data.
    • Computer recommended routes - optimisation for least fuel and/or least time, ETA.
    • Route Comparison.
    • Record of weather data for route.
    • Port forecast and precipitation data.
    • Rogue wave forecasting.

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