Data Delivery

PassageManager has been designed with simplicity in mind; fast and easy updating via email or internet having the capability of being configured to receive data automatically if required.

All PassageManager services can be delivered by email or internet, with data being highly compressed and matched to the vessels outfit or passage.


PassageManager is simple to use and can be accessed over any internet connection including 3G, GPRS, VSAT, Broadband, Wi-Fi or via email.

Using the comprehensive software provided, vessels can request as much, or as little, data as required.

Combined with proprietary compression techniques, communication costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Vessels can opt to receive cumulative data CDs ensuring safety and compliance at all times.

Key Features

  • Optional cumulative data CD.
  • Compatible with all maritime data communication systems.
  • Proprietary compression techniques keep communication costs to a minimum.
  • Software can be configured to allow the end-user to collect only the data that is required at that time, minimising communication costs.


  • Suitable communication system such as FleetBroadBand or VSAT.
  • Standard email system or ship to shore internet connection for automatic collection of data.
  • Standard PC meeting ChartCo's minimum requirements which can be networked or stand-alone.

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