The easy way to manage your chart outfit

ChartManager is the module of PassageManager that enables the management of paper and electronic chart outfits as well as informing the user of all necessary corrections. At the heart of the module lies a comprehensive geo catalogue that is updated on a weekly basis. Using these catalogues, ships outfits can be easily created or modified.

Data is displayed via a graphical interface, providing 'at a glance' coverage, licencing and outfit information. All corrections are delivered on a weekly basis as soon as the data has been released by the national authorities. Whilst the complete Notice to Mariner is delivered to the vessel, only those corrections that are applicable to the charts in the outfits are initially displayed. A log of all corrections applied to each chart is maintained within the system and may be viewed at any time. From these logs, ISM compliant reports of the vessel outfit can be produced.


The ChartManager service provides simple, effective, updates and management of paper and electronic charts from several hydrographic offices, giving vessels the ability to modify their outfits as necessary.

Full catalogues are maintained on-board and as part of the service, ChartCo keeps them fully updated. Through this, users are notified of withdrawn, additional and new edition charts and ENC cells.

Traditionally chart updates have been delivered via CD or paper, making it almost impossible to keep products up to date. ChartCo makes it possible to receive these updates in a timely manner thus ensuring safe and compliant navigation at all times. Once received, paper corrections can be printed out and applied to charts, while ENC updates can be placed within an 'exchange set' and transferred to any ECDIS via CD/DVD or the vessels network. In addition, through ChartManager, the user can download individual ENC cells, such as new editions, from ChartCo's secure server when necessary.

ChartManager provides delivery and management of updates from the following services:

  • Paper charts: ADMIRALTY, US, Japan, Norway, Australia, Canadian, Indian.

Key Features

  • NTMs and paper chart corrections from a wide range of authorities.
  • ENC correctional data for AVCS, PRIMAR and Jeppesen products.
  • Fully compatible with all ECDIS.
  • Network transfer of ENC updates direct to ECDIS.
  • New ENC cells available for download from ChartCo reducing reliance on CDs/DVDs.
  • Corrections applicable to the vessel's outfits are sorted and displayed automatically.
  • Outfit management software provides up to date records of all charts in the catalogue.
  • ISM compliant reports always to hand.

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