Faster, smarter e-navigation

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Now there’s a solution that’s making e-navigation faster and easier

Helping bridge crew minimise the time taken to build and optimise voyage planning and manage digital paper libraries more effectively.

The newly updated PassageManager is automated, configurable and designed to help you drive efficiency. With shortcuts for easy navigation, a choice of colour schemes with a brand new interface and innovative features like route filters, you can work in a way that’s right for you.

Key benefits

  • Reduce planning time with weather and route optimisation that adheres to Vessel Traffic Separation schemes
  • Create ECDIS compliant, customised passage plans in minutes
  • Reach your goals faster with touchscreen friendly operation
  • Unlock automated port-to-port routing for multiple port calls
  • Upgrade from PassageManager 6 with no hassle
  • Integrates with ADPs, e-NPs, ECDIS and more
  • Review optimised routes side-by-side to make the best possible decision on which route to take
  • Access an automatic UKC calculation derived from charted depth, height of tide, draft and CATZOC
  • Apply consistent settings to multiple waypoints to save valuable time

Key modules for complete navigation

With PassageManager you can access a comprehensive set of associated digital and content modules, all designed to make complex tasks simple.

Passage Planning

Passage planning
Complete your appraisal process within a fraction of the time of traditional methods.


Manage paper and electronic chart outfits via an easy-to-use graphical interface.


Weather and route optimisation
Plan your route based on the best possible conditions.

Publications Manager

Publications Manager
Take care of vessels' outfit and corrections, catering for both digital and paper publications.

Piracy Alert Data

Piracy Alert Data
View in-force warnings and recent piracy attacks on your planned route.

NavArea Warnings

NavArea Warnings
Apply a filter to see in-force warnings on your planned route.

Automated Routeing

Automated routeing
Generate port-to-port routes offering multiple port calls.

Port Data

Port Data
Unlock up-to-date port data that can be combined with chart and routing data for your passage plan.



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PassageManager is part of ChartCo OneOcean, the single platform for today's e-navigation and compliance challenges.