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We believe mariners should move vessels, not paper

Every voyage is accompanied by a mountain of health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) paperwork. The ever-growing volume of maritime regulation can create hours of paperwork, making compliance complex and costly.

Docmap, our global document management system, brings it all together and turns it into a manageable digital process, which is easily accessible anywhere, through standard web browsers.

Spend less time on compliance and more time dealing with operational priorities - the safety and wellbeing of your people, cargoes and vessels.


  • Go paper-free
  • Efficiently meet your obligations under the International Safety Management (ISM Code)
  • Replace out-of-date systems for simplified compliance
  • Mitigate risk and reduce human errors
  • Keep all your documentation synchronised and automatically updated
  • Track compliance KPIs across the organisation through the Analytics tool

Introducing Docmap

See Docmap in action


Keep on track with five integrated modules

Document management
This powerful module allows your policies, procedures, work instructions, certificates and other documentation to be stored, managed and easily accessed, enabling you to deliver all relevant documentation to vessels around the world.

Incidents and Actions
Helps you create any kind of form, and report events such as loss or accident, near accident or non-conformity.

The Audits module allows you to manage all your internal and external audits and inspections in one place.

Risk Assessments
Simplify and strengthen your risk assessment procedures with this module - a toolbox for helping you keep health, safety and environmental risk onboard to a minimum.

Track your organisation’s compliance KPI’s easily with this module, giving you detailed insight to help you improve performance across all areas.


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Docmap is part of ChartCo OneOcean, the single platform for today's e-navigation and compliance challenges.