Outfit Management Service

Today there is an ever increasing emphasis on the safe operation of vessels. ChartCo OMS is an effortless way of ensuring that your vessels' chart and publication outfits, both paper and electronic, always adhere to the requirements of IMO, SOLAS and International Shipping Regulations.

Pioneered by ChartCo, Outfit Management Service (OMS) plays a key role in assisting the navigating officer with their workload. OMS is now the standard against which all other similar services are judged, removing the burden of information management and reducing the risk of not keeping your vessels compliant with carriage requirements and current international regulations. The OMS system is provided to subscribers free of charge.

How Does it Work?

ChartCo maintains a list of the charts and publications required for a vessel's general trading pattern. This 'Index' forms the basis of how the Outfit Management Service (OMS) operates and dictates which new edition items and correction data is sent to the ship.

Advance information on new editions and new issues of charts and publications are fed into our OMS software. This information is compared against our stored indexes and at specified regular intervals new edition charts and publications which have become available are collated, called off and supplied. They can be despatched either to a fixed destination, or as directed by the customer.

The large range of products stocked by ChartCo and the multiple strategic locations coupled with custom built software developed over many years drive the success of the OMS service. Complete flexibility in the frequency, method of delivery and products required makes this a truly world leading service.


New editions despatched automatically (usually monthly) to a specific consignee/destination.

On Demand:
New editions despatched as and when required.

Advice of new editions is sent to the customer by email and the customer then chooses which items are despatched.


  • Global distribution outlets reduce freight costs and delivery times.
  • ChartCo management of products and outfits reduce ship operator management time and cost.
  • Dedicated ChartCo account management team means fast, accurate responses.
  • Expert help in the design of chart and publication indexes.
  • Easy transition from paper to electronic charts and publication services.

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