New Build Supply

With global stock locations, ChartCo is always ready to supply a comprehensive package of new build products and services anywhere in the world. With a dedicated new build team we are able to quickly list what charts and publications should be carried and recommend what is best practice.

ChartCo can work from ship type, a trading pattern or simply a list of ports to produce a number of outfit options.

Fully Updated

All initial supplies leave our warehousing facilities completely up to date. Keeping thousands of charts updated is no small task and this is carried out using a combination of Print On Demand and applying corrections by hand. Publications are supplied with the latest supplements.

New Build Transit Folios

For large new building programmes, ChartCo offers a separate transit folio, which can be used by each vessel to transit from the shipyard to its normal trading area. After use ChartCo stores and maintains the transit folio until it is required by subsequent new build. It is then updated and supplied to the next vessel leaving the shipyard.

Flags and Instruments

ChartCo stocks everything that is needed to fully equip a modern bridge. Despite the use of technology, flags and other bridge supplies are always needed and can be supplied in the new build package.

In addition our Chartroom New Build Kit contains all the essential instruments for safe and accurate navigation and chart correction on-board.

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