Customer Portal

The Customer Portal provides you with a window into our operation. Using password protected access our Outfit Management Service (OMS) customers are able to gain a detailed view of the services, digital licences or permits held by each of their vessels. Other critical information is also visible including invoicing and tracking details for each shipment and comprehensive ship outfit details.

ChartCo believes that providing up to date data is essential to the success of Ship Operators. Using secure encrypted access the Customer Portal is designed to allow both Ship Operators and individual vessels access to the information. The data held in the portal is refreshed in near real-time to ensure accuracy.

This access is included free of charge as part of our Outfit Management Service (OMS).

Key Features

  • Up to date ship indexes.
  • List of new editions pending.
  • View correction lists and logs.
  • List of vessel subscriptions (can also view at fleet level).
  • Airway bill details (carrier and tracking information.
  • Full reporting functions in a variety of formats.
  • History of deliveries made to each ship.
  • Financial and spend reports.

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