About ChartCo

We understand the challenges mariners face. Moving to digital navigation. Keeping up with an avalanche of changing regulation. And managing the ever-growing demands of the constantly changing compliance landscape.

Our purpose is providing market-leading solutions that help you navigate with confidence and meet compliance with ease.

Our expert team of mariners and surveyors are always thinking ahead, addressing the needs of today, and tomorrow. 

Why ChartCo?

We focus on creating relevant digital services, innovatively priced solutions and delivering unrivalled customer service.  We believe this combination, along with an offering encompassing the broadest range of software solutions is unique to the industry we serve.

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For navigation: PassageManager

Our flagship software platform delivers weekly data to more than 6,500 vessels at sea, allows them to plan passages, order digital and paper products, optimise routes and much more. Add to this our unrivalled expertise in the digital products and services which are being adopted by more vessels every day and ChartCo is the ideal partner for the era of digital navigation.

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For regulations management: Regs4ships

Our Regs4ships service is the world's leading digital maritime regulation solution which allows management offices and vessels to keep right up to date with ever-changing flag state and international legislation and regulations. It reduces the number of paper publications on-board as well as the administration time needed to keep regulations up to date.

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For environmental compliance: EnviroManager

Our powerful, intuitive environmental solution helps the crew comply with MARPOL and national regulations. A user-friendly interface and location-based traffic light system helps advise the crew what discharges are and are not permitted at any position worldwide including bilge water, sewage, air emissions, garbage, food waste and ballast.

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For safety and quality compliance: Docmap

Our world-leading, safety and quality management system, helps you meet your obligations under the ISM Code for ship safety management and operation. Docmap manages all your documents, core forms, inspections, risk assessments and maritime compliance.

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Registered Office: ChartCo Limited is registered in the UK at Unit 4, Voltage, Mollison Avenue, Enfield EN3 7XQ.
Registration number: 03652059
VAT number: GB 242 5880 02